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all the finest minds of Gondolin

we'll make Tolkien roll in his grave...

when in Gondolin, do as the Gondolindrim
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Legend says Eru Iluvatar created the world with song; that his very voice has the power to put things into being. So then what happens when Eru catches a cold? The unfortunate residents of First Age Arda are about to find out the true power of a divine sneeze...

Welcome to Gondolindrim! We are the game that explores the universe of Tolkien in a new and frightening way.

We are set in First Age Gondolin (around the year 200 FA, though time seems to be kind of funny around here...) but something seems to have gone wrong. Time and space have gone a little wonky and people from all parts and times of Ea's history seem to be popping up!

Gondolin seems to have become Middle Earth's worst kept secret as new people show up every day. On top of that, other odd things seem to be appearing... fountains that pour alcohol? A weekly newspaper? Vardabucks?

What next? Eru hiring a hobbit secretary? Rohirrim in the fountains? A female son of Feanor? Oh, wait...

Join the people of Gondolin, or find yourself wandering elsewhere in Beleriand in our Alternate Universe Silmarillian-inspired game. The places are the same, but everything else has gone completely off track. Characters from all Tolkien works are welcome, including the Silmarillion, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Book of Lost Tales, The History of Middle Earth, and even anything ever written in letters/rough drafts/etc./etc. or his non-middle earth works! The only thing we strongly recommend is a sense of humour about Tolkien's writings. And keep in mind, the sandbox truly is Tolkien's - we just like to bury each other play in it.

We are Journal/AIM based. (You CAN play without AIM, but you may be missing out on some of the interaction.) We are open to het/slash/incest/mpreg and just about any other atrocity to proper literature we can think to commit.

We only have a few rules, because we assume you know how to behave like a civilized human being. They are:
1) RESPECT. Treat everyone with respect and common courteousy and they'll do the same for you. (This also covers respecting their decisions for their characters, so don't just go in and kill/impregnate/etc. their character if you haven't discussed it in advance!)
2) DUPLICATE CHARACTERS. These are allowed, as long as the mun of the original(s) are okay with it. Please post a request in the community (or ask over aim if you know) and if you have no complaints within 72 hours, feel free!
3) ORIGINAL/PAN-FANDOM CHARACTERS. We do allows these HOWEVER you must have 2 Tolkien canon characters for each one of these you might have AND you have to clear it with a modly type first. (Odds are we'll say yes.)
4) KEEP IT PG-13. Respect that not everyone may be as comfortable with the sex or violence as you. If you want to play out something like that privately, feel free, but cut it short for things you share. An lj-cut and a warning is STRONGLY recommended if you post anything that might make someone else uncomfortable.

And that's it! We don't have a formal application, just give us a shout to let us know who you are and who you're playing. Please check out our character lists when deciding who you'd like to play. We also have a quick list for adding everyone to your journal's friends list. (Friends locked, due to there also being AIM info on that page, but available to all community members.)

If you're new to the community, though, and want a little more information please read this post.

I've set up the community to be as helpful as humanly possible. We abuse LJ's tag system to try and make life simple. For instance, we have a tag for the poor muns with random game info for people to know. (Like what kind of fountains we have, or what stores and brand names are common in Gondolin.) Please, check out the main page of the community for tonnes of useful links and information.

(But, hey, if you have/need more information, feel free to tell one of us modly types and we'll see what we can do!)

We've also set things up to make it easier for you to do ridiculous things to your characters, please check out the Vala Inc. request forms. (Send a quick AIM or LJ message to Eru's mun if you have something specific in mind that you want, otherwise prepare for random!) Or, if your character would like advice try writing to Varda and wait for her answer in our weekly newspost.

Weather in Gondolin (we're basing it off Ottawa, suck it up):
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Weather Forecast

Congratulations! You've made it safely to the end. If you're still a little confused and would like a little more information, I will once again point you to this post. Otherwise, have fun and we hope to see you playing with us soon!

The Management

P.S. This game is dedicated in loving memory of the fabulous game MESPT (middle_earth), where a number of our early players once belonged. It gave many of us our first taste of Tolkien!crack and just look where it left us. Oh. Right. Gondolin.

P.P.S. This is a game intended purely for silliness and fun. No harm is intended to the owners of any of the original material or the people we use in the icons. All uses are meant to be entirely fictional. Please don't think us to be any sort of authority or anything. We're just a bunch of dorks sharing a common interest. Etc. etc. Standard disclaimer goes here!